Accentuate the positive

One of the great things about online communications vs. the printed word is that if one is prone to impulsive typing, then equally prone to obsessing about errors resulting from impulsive typing, one can wipe the slate clean.

That fact helped me scrub my last post free of the errors I had let slip by me, despite reading, rereading and reading the post aloud before hitting “publish.” When I made (or missed others’) errors at this newspaper (and others), the gaffe would ruin a week or two, anyway, depending on the severity of the mistake. So, in this way, I’ve already realized one positive via this blog:  I can expunge my virtual shortcomings. (My actual shortcomings will take a little more work to overcome.)

Another “positive”: I received my first spam comment today (from someone purporting to be from “Hermes handbags,” no less. I’m pretty sure Hermes handbags won’t match any of my shoes). But I guess being noticed on the Web by charlatans means the blog at least enjoys some online presence.

But the most important positive regarding this clunky beast I call a blog is the chance to hear from some old friends and colleagues, and bask in their good cheer and kind words. Thanks, all. Hope to live up to the approbation.

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