How not to pray

Don’t pray for wealth, pray for industriousness.

Don’t pray for success, pray for the flexibility to exploit any outcome. pray1 Button

Don’t pray for others to change, pray for increased tolerance and charity.

Don’t pray for comfort and joy, pray for wisdom and reslience.

Don’t pray for favor, pray for forbearance.

Don’t pray for health, pray for the knowledge and persistence to achieve it.

Don’t pray for glory and honors, pray for humility and helpfulness.

Don’t pray for the right person, pray to become the right person.

Don’t pray for blessings, pray to be a blessing to others.

6 thoughts on “How not to pray

  1. With so much emphasis on “prosperity gospel,” it’s important to remember that Christ’s model prayer, aka the Lord’s Prayer, contains but one innocuous request of God’s provision, and that being merely our daily bread.

    The emphasis on God as our Cosmic Sugar Daddy is a modern and Western concept. God gives us only good gifts, and He is pleased when we pray to Him for the Wisdom to see the good and respond in the Spirit. Lack of contentment with what He’s given us means we think we know better than God. It’s pride. And if I only lived like I really believed what I’ve just acknowledged I’d be a much better exemplar of the Christian walk.


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