In praise of the generalist

There’s quite a lot to like about this interview on More accurately, I suppose, I happen to agree with its basic thrust. face_question_mark

I’ve always been a generalist or — less charitably put — a jack of all trades, master of none. More accurately still, I’m a jack of merely a few trades (hardly all). A dilettante, perhaps. A dabbler. A knower of only a smattering of information about a lot of subjects.

A generalist. That’s me all over. This personality trait, and the subsequent path taken because of it, hasn’t been the ticket (yet) to fame and fortune. But, like the interview subject in the piece suggests, my variety-seeking is central to my personal satisfaction. I’m discontent but happy, if that makes sense.

If I can find the way to get rich and famous being the way I am, I promise I’ll let you know how I did it. But don’t hold your breath. Besides, maybe it’s better to be rich and obscure.

Anyway, I hope you’ll find the piece edifying, or at least interesting.

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