Whistling in the dark

When I feel anxious, I’ll pretend to be confident.

When I feel lazy, I’ll work on something, even if only for five minutes.

When I feel lethargic, I’ll take a walk or break into a short jog.

When I’m stuck for the right word, I’ll say (or write) anything.

When we were there, this swim-up bar in Playacar, Mexico, boasted a bartender named Jesus and a waitress named Mary, FWIW.

When I’m frightened, I’ll act bravely.

When I’m lonesome, I’ll reach out to someone I know.

When I feel beset by cares, I’ll help someone with theirs.

When I feel trapped, I’ll remember somewhere spectacular.

When I’m bored, I’ll change the scenery.

When I’m sad, hurt or have just had enough, I’ll abide.

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