Good God, West ‘By God’ Virginia!

Caught about 10 minutes of the MTV “reality” program “Buckwild” the other night while waiting for something better to start. Soon I realized that root canal without anesthesia would be better.

If you don’t know, the show is pretty much “Jersey Shore” in Appalachia. At first I thought, “What the hell’s wrong with these kids?” as they burned stuff and knocked each other around amid a backdrop of ignorant blather.

Then I thought, “What’s wrong with the people who put this crap on TV?”

Help! These children are being held captive by terrorists — MTV and the American viewing public.

But I already know the answer: Teenagers — especially poor ones without an education — are ideal targets of exploitation. At least they’re better off than the young murder victims cable news programs ghoulishly feast on.

Finally, I thought, “What’s wrong with the people who watch this crap?” Morbid curiosity might buy you one episode’s worth of grace. Once you tune in for a second episode, though, you’re part of the problem.

Anyway, this article in Salon sums things up nicely.

UPDATE: I suppose something like this was inevitable. While one certainly can’t blame MTV for Shain Gandee’s death by mud-bogging misadventure, the show “Buckwild” does little to highlight the positive attributes of young people like Gandee and his friends. But I wonder whether his celebrity encouraged his freewheeling, high-risk behavior. Whatever, the case, condolences to his family and others who loved him and, of course, the other victims.

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